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Established in 2008, 4finance is one of Europe's largest digital consumer lending groups with operations in 16 countries. Leveraging automation and data-driven insights across the business, 4finance has grown rapidly, issuing over €7 billion since inception in instalment loans, lines of credit and single payment loans.

A former employee in customer service shared in a review "Customer service at 4finance is a nightmare. Be ready to deal with angry customers and trying to solver other's people mistakes. They track the time you are on the phone and your breaks, basically they want you to take exactly 30/15 minutes (nothing more, nothing less). Also, management are unprofessional and change rules every week, be ready to throw out what you just learned. Supervisors are very arrogant, and you are not supposed to do anything (even though you are capable of taking your own decisions) without their approval. You won't get promoted if you are not best friend with one of the managers."


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